The metals we need for a low-carbon future

Renewable energy technologies and electric cars need lots of metal. That means finding new sources of these critical minerals – but how do we do that sustainably?

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Death cap mushrooms don’t actually want to kill us. In fact, mushrooms don’t care about us at all. 

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1 Apr 2022

Magma makes marsquakes rock Red Planet

Volcanic activity beneath the surface of Mars could be responsible for triggering repetitive marsquakes, which are similar to earthquakes, in a specific region of the Red Planet, researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) suggest.

28 Mar 2022

Winding path leads to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Victoria Zinnecker could never have predicted her career path: from fire-retardant curtains to a development project on the Ford Mustang. Now, that's morphed into a project to clean the Sydney Harbour Bridge with lasers.

6pm 6 April 2022

New IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report: How can we limit global warming?

Join us at this event to hear directly from several report authors about its key findings including how they relate to Australia.

Environment & Sustainability

5.30pm 5 May 2022

The role of Earth Science in 21st century Australia

Motivated in part by the recent closure of several prominent Earth science institutions, the event is aimed at improving awareness of the great diversity of research that is going on within our...

Earth & Marine Sciences