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Bump in the Road

A bump in the road today dear friends.

When situations fall outside of your ability to influence the outcome all you can do is try to manage and control your reactions.

I have ways to not make things worse in my own head and to minimise any potential suffering but it can be very tricky.

The frustration at only being able to control reactions and not affect causes is a hard thing to deal with for me.

It’s hard not to fall into negative brain traps. I feel like my issues are not very high on other people’s agendas, people that should and could be helping, and it’s frustrating that in certain environments personal priorities trump the wellbeing of others.

So for now I am concentrating on not getting stuck in my own head and making things worse by catastrophizing. Hopefully a time will come when being clear headed and mindful will reveal a way to deal with the causes rather than dealing with the reactions.

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