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Anxiety Hangover

I talked to people in a bar last night I didn’t know. I stayed after my friends left to talk so more. I did this to push myself and I think it was good for me. I spoke about kindness and people seemed to receive it well.

Trying a few fancy beers and a couple of whiskys left me feeling a little worse for wear the next morning.

You know what’s worse than the hangover headache? The anxiety aftermath.

I made some real connections to some strangers yesterday and I spoke honestly and openly about my experiences. I spoke about kindness and explained how I want to talk to people more and what volunteering I’d like to do. I got some good feedback about the way I speak.

But this morning my brain won’t give me a break. It’s replaying everything it can looking for a reason to be embarrassed or ashamed. It’s torture and it’s almost ruining all the good feelings I got from pushing myself last night.

This is part of the reason I get anxiety about doing things. Not just worry about the thing but I hate feeling like this afterwards.

So I’m going to have a cup of tea and try a meditation to see if I can cleanse this anxiety hangover.

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